Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  • What is meant by SUBMISSIONS are all forms of goods being shipped through ESL Express Company.
  • The definition of ESL Express CARRIER company.
  • What is meant by the SENDER is the owner of the goods who send their goods through Carrier Services.

1. The sender will be the responsibility of the Carrier, when the SENDER has paid Lunas Shipping costs and have PROOF OF ORIGINAL SHIPPING SIGNS of CARRIER on shipments sent.

2. It is forbidden to enter into SHIPMENTS, items as follows:

  • Cash, securities, jewelry, Barng Antiques, Art Objects, paintings and other precious and the like.
  • Letters, Post Letter and Card Pos.7
  • Goods that are explosive, Lighted or may Burned own, liquids, toxic or capable of damaging other items, or endanger the safety of people and pollute the environment.
  • Drugs drugs or other kind.
  • Printed Matter, Records illicit contents Offensive Decency and can Disrupt Order, National Security and Stability.
  • Goods that are easily damaged, Glassware, Smelled Sharp, Corrosion, Flowers, Plants, Food Wet, Flower Ice / Dry Ice and goods that require temperature is maintained.
  • Animals and plants Hidupkecualisegala the risk borne by the SENDER.
  • Processed Animal and Plant protected.
  • Goods for Medicine / Medical Sample.
  • All types of home industry Cigarettes without excise / Illegal.
  • Illegal goods, Jenazah / Abu Undertakers, Firearms and like it, sharp weapons, equipment and other gambling.

3. Fill SHIPMENTS that does not comply with the SENDER statement is an offense and can be prosecuted through the applicable law. SHIPMENTS suspected by the CARRIER CARRIER reserves the right to hold Pmeriksaan / Pick sert the alpha test to make sure that the SHIPMENTS eligible to be transported to the city of destination in accordance with the provisions, terms of operational procedures and handling methods are applicable.

4. CARRIER Not Responsible for matters as follows:

  • All technical risks that occur during delivery that causes SHIPMENTS not functioning or changed. function, both involving machines or the like, as well as Electronic goods such as: TV, Radio Tape, Computers, CD, flash drive, AC, Fridge, Video, Washing Machine, Photo Copy machine, Mobile and others like.
  • Delays in delivery to the Cities of interest caused by a force majeure.
  • Losses gain profit opportunity due to late delivery, damage and loss SHIPMENTS.
  • Losses on delivery service technical error that resulted in non-material damages.
  • All of Detention and Seizure and Destruction against SHIPMENTS by related government agencies (Customs, Quarantine, police, judiciary, etc.) as a result of legal provisions that apply to SHIPMENTS. Fines Loss, Damage SHIPMENTS while in Detention / Seizure is the responsibility of the SENDER.
  • Guidance in whatever form you did not receive a SHIPMENTS after 15 (fifteen) days from the Delivery Date.
    Damage, shortage or loss resulting from Force Majeure SHIPMENTS (Melee, Natural Disaster, War, Hijacking, Robbery, Accident, Fire, & Radio Active / Contamination).
  • Leaks, Damage, Wet, Rot or Death as a result of poor packing on SHIPMENTS.

5. Means of transport for the purposes of certain cities or in a state of force, then CARRIER without informing in advance the right to use Sea Transport Facilities, Rivers, Army or Air to carry out the delivery to the destination cities.

6. Where there is no complaint (claim) of the recipient at the time SHIPMENTS delivered, the delivery is deemed to have accepted properly.

7. SUBMISSIONS problematic that more than two (2) months are not taken / Recipient address unknown / payment obligations are not repaid (COD) then CARRIER SHIPMENTS entitled to destroy them.

8. In the event of loss / damage on SHIPMENTS the maximum reimbursement is $ 10 (ten) times the cost of shipping on SHIPMENTS missing / lacking and or maximum Rp. 1.000.000, - (One Million). SHIPMENTS high value MANDATORY insured. SHIPMENTS insured then the restitution will be settled in accordance with the requirements of Policy Delivery Insurance Company designated by the Parties CARRIER. Insurance premiums paid by the SENDER.

9. Shipping costs are included retrieval services, Handling, Shipping and Delivery to destinations except for certain cities that do not do delivery.

10. All Claims can only be resolved in the Office Delivery Points. Claim must be attached.

  • Certificate of Police (if insured).
  • Losses guidance letter.
  • Copy of Identity KTP / SIM / PASSPORT correspond with the name on the proof sheet Shipping Signs.
  • Minutes signed Receiver / SHIPPING and officers CARRIER.
  • Supporting documents, among others: Receipt Purchase of PACKAGES are missing or damaged, Contents SHIPMENTS, Photos of property damage, and sheets Proof of Delivery Asi Signs of CARRIER on the delivery.