Company Profile

ESL Express is one of the largest express service companies with the largest branch office network covering 1 head office and 77 Branch Offices in 242 Representative Offices and 505 Agent Offices in 138 Cities with a coverage area of 300 districts covering 3600 districts in 34 provinces Spread in various parts of Indonesia.

ESL Express is supported by more than 1000 human resources and more than 1200 reliable and professional partnerships in various regions of Indonesia.

Currently fleet supporters in freight forwarding reach more than 550 Lorena Group Bus Fleets, 120 Motorcycles, 124 Grand Maxs, 35 Trucks, 16 Bus Wagons and 29 Tronton Box Trucks reaching a length of 8.5 Meters with a capacity of 15,000 Kg, ESL Express already has More than 450 operational vehicles.