ESL wound provide Business Opportunities Agency / Partnership in the field of express delivery services to the requirements of a very simple, low cost and a revenue share with lucrative commission system.

ESL is one of the market leaders express delivery services industry in particular via ground transportation, which provides innovative solutions and specialized, with constantly improving the service direct and continuous customer satisfaction.

Until now, the agency network / ESL partnership of 600 agents spread across several regions in Indonesia with the support of a dedicated workforce and loyal high to provide services fast, safe and reliable. ESL provide express delivery services ranging from delivery of documents, packages, to vehicles with cargo handling.


   1. Individuals/legal entities/Foundation
   2. Fill out the form partnership accompanied the address, phone number location floor plans &
   3. Copy of ID CARD of the latest photo & 4X6 (2 pieces)
   4. A copy of the letter of Domicile
   5. Have a Shop/store with a minimum size of 3 x 3 meter room is conveniently located
   6. Have at least 1 phone line
   7. Has parking facilities
   8. Has a bathroom
   9. Approve the contract of partnership at least 2 (two) years
   10. Partners get commissions of 20% from sales, and paid every 10 – 15 next month
   11. Employees managed by the ESL Express
   12. Permits Businesses, Payroll Costs to Employees of the partnership, Service Charge, electricity and tax Billboard installed in paced ESL Express.


Agency in transfer payments to:
BCA A / C 0713021196
On Behalf PT. Eka Sari Lorena
* Proof of payment please fax or sent to the central office

For further information and contact:
Kantor Pusat
Jl. Pegangsaan Dua No.6a
Pegangsaan Dua, Kelapa Gading, Kota Jakarta Utara
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 14250.
Telp. (021) 22461166 / 22462814
Fax. (021) 22468883